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Pronatura Mexico: Successful Conservation Benchmarks
Conservation Benchmark Responsible
Pronatura has ensured the protection of 1'099,081 acres of forests, tropical rainforests, shrublands and deserts through the use of private conservation tools (land conservation easements). It's an area roughly the size of the Grand Canyon National Park (1,218,376 acres)

Pronatura National Lands Conservation Program
More than 317'831,996 cubic feet of water have been bought by Pronatura Mexico to be used in the next 30 years to restore and maintain priority ecosystems and to create the first Bank of Water Rights for Conservation in Cuatrocienagas and the Colorado River Delta.

Pronatura Northwest and Pronatura Northeast
More than two million sea turtles have been liberated in turtle camps operated by Pronatura covering more than 80 kilometers of beach.

Pronatura Yucatan Peninsula and Pronatura Northwest
Pronatura has direct ownership over 58,615 acres of threatened ecosystems throughout Mexico.

Pronatura Yucatan Peninsula, Pronatura Northeast, Pronatura South and Pronatura Veracruz
Pronatura, together with The Nature Conservancy, bought 374,043 acres in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in the State of Campeche and transferred them to the National Commission for Natural Protected Areas (CONANP, in Spanish)

Pronatura Yucatan Peninsula
Pronatura was the first Mexican organization to swap public debt for conservation.

Pronatura Mexico
Pronatura brought about the establishment of a total ban on the capture and trade of sea turtles and their eggs.

Pronatura Mexico
Pronatura established the first Conservation Trust Fund in Mexico.

Pronatura Mexico
The Ecological Park of Mexico City's Environmental Education Center has worked with more than 190,000 children.

Pronatura Mexico

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